Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bringing the Sixers Revolution

As I was creating this blog, I wanted to write about a variety of topics going on in Philadelphia, (I don't think a blog like this has been done before, right? ::sarcasm::) but this was brought about by the opportunity that I have this year of being a part of the 76ers Revolutionaries. Long story short, the organization wanted "crazy, passionate, intense fans" to apply for an official fan section. I applied, auditioned, and got a season ticket to the home games this year. (Which severely pissed off the guy that has the row in front of me who spent an absurd amount of money for his seats.) So this season, I'm going to try and do a recap of every Sixers home game and any crazy happenings that occur as we verbally berate opposing teams, along with away game stuff, and other things that happen and interest only people that live in Philly.

After starting the season 3-2, the Sixers traveled back to the Wells Fargo Center to take on the Pistons on 1/6. The Sixers gave a great showing as a team ready to make the leap. Yes, we played the Detroit Pistons, but the fans saw what we expected (and needed) to see. The offense was flowing together, the defense was lock-down, and the bench continued to show that they are the best in the league.
As for the aspects of the opening night atomosphere, it was the best Sixers game I've been to since Iverson came back. New owners Adam Aron and Josh Harris took the game-day experience and juiced it up big time. They added new dunkers, new dancers, new performers, new lights, smoke machines, confetti blasters (that shoot enough confetti to make you think we won the NBA championship already), and your very own Sixers Revolutionaries. The only thing that was noticably missing was the new mascot and new partial team owner Will Smith. (But they now play Gettin' Jiggy Wit It once a game).
As for the presence of the Revolutionaries, we made an immediate impact in the stadium, chanting for the Sixers on both sides of the floor, but more notably picking on the Pistons' bench. Still the scariest player in the NBA, we harrassed Ben Wallace as he sat on the bench and tried to hide his grey hairs. He shook his head everytime we said something, and I put the over/under at 21 minutes until he ran into the stands and dropped the hammer on one of us. Luckily we lived to see the Toronto Raptors the next night.

During that game, the superb play of the Sixers was overshadowed on our part by the presence of Jamaal Magloire. During the first quarter, our section kept repeating the inferiority of the Toronto basketball organization (they fucking suck), and Jamaal's reaction after 2 or 3 chants was to get up, walk toward our section and tell us to "SHUT UP." He would've faired better if he walked over and said "pick on me the rest of the game while I pick the dust off of my warmup jersey."
For the rest of the game, we killed him. We went way past calling him out for sucking so much that he sat the bench for the Raptors, but questioned his sexuality, and made fun of his Canadian heritage. This prompted him to punch his hand and bang his elbow as if we were going to fight (we thought we were.) But then, our section was awarded with this, our first official warning that we violated NBA Code of Conduct, or that Jamaal Magloire ratted us out to the security behind him because we were annoying. Same thing.

The Pacers game on 1/9 was much of the same by our beloved Sixers, most notably the stellar contributions by Vucevic, who is making a big impact off the bench. As for our verbal assault, we were no longer allowed to call out players on the bench, only on the floor. But when Jeff Foster, who just looks like a douche, was stretching next to our row, we decided to chat. We accused him of spiking his Gatorade Prime, which he did not deny (FYI: he drank about six, and played a measly 14 minutes). From there, we basically just tried to get him cut for drinking on the job.

My future posts about game-days will not be this long, I just wanted to recap the first 3 home games because Jamaal Magloire looking me in the eye and telling me to shutup was something to cross off my Philly Sports Fan Bucket List (along with get on TV, get on the jumbo tron, finally get those stupid thunder sticks that are supposed to distract players shotting foul shots, and getting every player to wave during warmups.) I'll come up with a full list sometime soon.

As I close, I just want to leave you with this before I depart to try and get in a fight with DeMarcus Cousins and the Soon-to-be Anaheim Kings.

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